Tuesday, December 6, 2011


120411...fast Sunday, and heavy GI cleanse afterwards.

120511...post call. 2 full sets, sixty minutes each, 6 stations of ten minutes per (stair master, incline treadmill, bike trainer, weights, rower, heavy bag). For the twenty minutes of stair master and incline treadmill every other 2 minute segment was accompanied by shadow boxing. Followed this with a 2-scoop protein shake one cup of milk and 150 calories of 70% cocoa chocolate and a multivitamin which replaced lunch.

Today. Got through the above this morning up until the rower, when a defusing of an angry son was necessary, and the sequence was dropped.

Back into the hole tonight and did the whole sequence, and almost ralphed up the protein shake and chocolate when I sat down. Almost bonked.

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